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Grandmas Have Fun Too

Grandmas don't stop working when their children are grown up and have families of their own. Especially in Hawai'i with the highest cost of living in the nation, working families with children need help and tutus come to the rescue. They pick up the children from school and watch the babies while the parents go to work when babysitters are not affordable. Grandmas take care of the family in any way they can to help afford life in paradise.

My friend I call my sister and I was gifted a vacation from the family and we took it! We sang Tiny Bubbles with the gondola man and walked the strip. We tested out the hotels on the strip and downtown and learned it's funner on the strip but easier to win downtown. I took my trusty iPhone to document the fun and turned it into a video so when people back home asked "How was it?" we can just say "click the link and watch!" (Thank you professors!) But of course, some things that happen in Vegas, must stay in Vegas.

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