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Adventure with Cool Grandma

In pre-Covid days, taking the grandkids out after Sunday church for an "adventure" was automatic. We live just 5 minutes from the church and the beach and I had my first creative media course project to get done, to make a music video. I killed two birds with one stone, take the grandkids on an adventure and get the homework done.

I had my iPhone XR, the "free" talent and a beautiful natural backdrop. We planned what we were going to do on the way to the beach. I picked the song. The rest of it was thrown together as the sun crossed the sky. That moment in time will be forever documented in 4K resolution for us and the great-grandkids and I got an "A" as the result of fun "Sunday" adventure! After this music video, grandkids started calling me C.G. for Cool Grandma. Not bragging, but sorta kinda.

My point? Grandmas with cellphones, any kind of device that records can be Cool Grandma too with a classic song and some imagination. Baking cookies is okay too but making a music video is over the top cool! Jus' Sayin'! Enjoy!

The music is by my favorite, Roy Orbison. Oldie but goodie.

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