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Top 10 Things To Do With Grandkids

Need ideas what do with the grandkids? Wanna be a COOL GRANDMA? I'm sharing my TOP 10 favorite things of mine and my grandkids which helped me earn the name "C.G." for "COOL GRANDMA!" In my "golden years" of 60+ years old, retired and widowed, I've discovered that life is NOT OVER! In fact, depending on how you choose to look at it. I've been living life all my life and NOW, I am living my BEST LIFE. My bones may be old, but as long as I have imagination and a little bit of energy, the sky is the limit!

My grandkids can tell you that I'm a storyteller at heart. I charge them a quarter for a story, just to check if they really want to hear it. Racked up a lotta quarters for my next Vegas trip with the girls and my new DSLR camera!

Part of living my best life is to GO BACK TO COLLEGE as a college dropout "drop-in" and chose the field of CREATIVE MEDIA to find new adventures. Loving every moment and lessons I'm learning. This video was the first one I ever made in the CM320D Creative Media Course as you can see but got the A! All video footage was shot on my trusty iPhone X. I'm saving up for a real DSLR camera, keep them quarters coming kids! I'm still a beginner using Premiere Pro for post production, but baby steps, working to improve each day and having tons of fun.

Thanks for hanging out with us. Take care you.

Aloha - Tutu Abbie

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