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Infect with The Chubbs Initiative

The days of ditching the dogs home alone while I scurry off to Sunday church is no longer a problem now. Thanks to the pandemic and social distancing, for everyoneʻs sake at church, we connect with the Lord through online church. Funny how I only recently noticed that when I'm on my iPad listening to the sermon, that the dogs were listening too, all five of them. But it seems that my Chubbs connects especially deeper--like down to his soul deep, and that's a good thing, right?

It's not about dogs in church or dogs at home with me on Sundays. My point is that feel good moments discovered--even in the tiniest size, makes the darkness a little less thick, ya know! Lucky me, I got Chubbs to remind me of that fact everyday--so everyday, I make it a point to look for the good like a hungry hawk and almost always, I'll find something. Feel free to use my Chubbs and this little ditty of a video as your reminder to go looking for something good, everyday. Wouldn't it be nice if Chubbs could infect the world with this initiative--The Chubbs Initiative.

Please take care (Mālama Pono) and stay cool.

Aloha Abbie

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