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Tiny Steps to Save our World

Professor said: "Make a public service announcement - less than 1 minute and make it interesting." I knew exactly what message I wanted to share for my CM120 video production class assignment. It was filmed totally on my iPhone X at a family backyard gathering in Waimānalo, Oʻahu. I am still working on my digital technical skills in school but I did my best in post-production on Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

Here's a little public service announcement for the WORLD. I shared this message with my grandkids who now know why they take the extra step and do it. My nephew Solomon (in the video) was shy but helped me out to help me get the "A." The sexy voice was not mine, asked a good friend to do it for me. Mahalo Tee!

One Little Thing We Can Do To Make a Big Difference In This World. Everyone knows how important it is to do and we all practice it. We separate it into it's proper groups. Our taxes we pay help employ able bodies to take it away for us every week. We see on the news those terrifying images of what can happen to our world if we don't do it. The entire world already knows and practices it everyday. It's made easy for us to do it better by putting the blue and gray bins side by side in public spaces for us. We even are given free colored bins to use at home. So why are we still putting it in the wrong bin?

Putting "it" in the right bin may not save the world alone, but if we all REMEMBER to do it, to take the extra steps to do it right, maybe just maybe we can make a difference. If not for ourselves, we can do it for our future generations who face an uncertain environmental future.


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