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With One Eye Open When The Magic Began

This was CM256 Creative Media Assignment 3 - Make a podcast about the celebrity self-assigned: my choice- Steven Spielberg, movie director, producer, writer and magic movie maker. The objective: between 3-5 minutes - make it interesting using the techniques from prompts provided in our module reading assignments. Check, check and triple check. The "sponsor" Do It Right Initiative" mentioned in this video does not exist, but I'm hopeful. I believe that global warming is NOT a consipracy and really does exist (shocked to have learned that there are people who disagree) and want my grandchildren to inherit a world I was fortunate to grow up in.

The experience back in high school was a real event. I lived four awesome years as a border at Kamehameha Schools. We did have a bus driver named Clarence. We did go on adventures around the island many times on the weekends, just us border roommates exploring and bonding for life. They were some of the best years of my life!

Steven Spielberg is my hero and Jaws was the first movie that opened my eyes to the possibilities of movie magic. I've become a movie fanatic ever since and probably the reason why I retired early and went back to college to learn new tech media to help make me be a better storyteller. This is part of my new-found commitment focused on living my best life. See the podcast I created for my class assignment and the story I imagined with one eye open. Hoping for an A. Wish me luck. Aloha - Abbie


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