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 In Hawaii where we both were born and raised, we are called "tutu" or grandmothers. Like in most places across the globe, grandmothers have lived many years, witnessed copious life changes, good and the bad, and learned from many life experiences.


When two grandmas get together, they have lots to say. We are two tutus talking.

We invite you to come along with us as we explore the world around

us today and reflect on the things we've seen and experienced in

the past to find creative solutions to the challenges we face today.

We share our perspectives as "tutu" or grandmas on topics of passion.

 We are two tutus talking about "grandma" life and explore topics to help, inspire and enlighten to make a difference.

  • life with our precious and faithful pets--our treasured companions

  • being cool grandmas for our grandchildren and how to do it better

  • building and maintaining strong relationships with our children

  • challenges we face in our "empty nest" retired lifestyle; finances,

  •      health, housing, friends, free time, vacations, hobbies

  • exploring our purpose in life and helping the next generation find theirs

  • understanding and learning new technology "grandma-style" slow and easy

  • dealing with the challenges of our society and pandemic world

  • growing up and living in Hawaii

  • our lifestyle and efforts to LIVE OUR BEST LIFE

We have lots more to learn in our creative media journey but we're working on it! You're welcome to join our community where we can all "talk it out" one day at a time, together. We are two tutus, Maxine and Abbie, looking forward to hanging out and living our best lives. Please take care and be well.

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Sea Turtle_edited.png


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